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Car Insurance Agencies That You Can Work With In Your City

Car insurance is an important thing that everyone needs that owns a car. Not only does it protect you and your passengers, but it also protects your vehicles as well when you have car insurance! The problem for many people is that they don’t know which type of agency to go to for help with obtaining insurance. Two types of car insurance agencies that you can work with include: Learn more here.

  • Captive Agencies
  • Independent Agencies

Captive Agencies

Captive agencies are very limiting to customers when it comes to the type of insurance that they can get. When it comes to a captive agency, they work with one insurance company only, meaning you will need to get your car insurance from that one company with no flexibility. Learn more about 2 Ways Car Insurance Can Help You.

Independent Agencies

Independent agencies are very open to the type of insurance you can get as they work with many insurance companies. Instead of working with only one insurance company like a captive agency, an independent agency works with many insurance companies. With this type of agency, you are more open to deals and more affordable prices!