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From the choice of wall coverings to the placement of the furniture, your home represents you and your family’s taste. You spend time making it as comfortable as possible for everyone, making it a special and unique place. Believe it or not, homeowner’s insurance policies are almost as individualized as the homes they protect…or, at least, they should be. While most every policy generally offers protection against loss due to fire and other disasters, not every policy is alike. Most every policy has specific limits for certain personal property, which can include (but is not limited to) artwork, jewelry, guns, electronics and computer hardware and software.

Do you REALLY know if you’re covered?

Policies have limits…and most people don’t know them

Here’s the sad truth. Most homeowner’s don’t realize they’re not covered for certain items until AFTER a loss occurs. Imagine buying a product and only discovering it doesn’t do what you thought it would do AFTER you need it! At Knight Insurance of Broward, we work to ensure this never happens.

We take the time to discuss your needs, explain policy limits and determine what company offers the policy that best suits your individual needs. If there are set limits on coverage for items you own, we’ll work with you to determine what, if any, additional coverage you need to ensure you’re adequately insured. We’ll also make sure you’re not paying for any additional coverage that you simply do not need.

Something every renter MUST know!

Knowing this could save you THOUSANDS of dollars

Rental Property Insurance and Renter’s insurance is NOT the same

One of the most common misconceptions is that the personal property of those who rent is covered under their landlord’s rental property insurance. THIS IS NOT TRUE! In fact, insurance excludes your landlord’s policy from covering your personal items. Here’s why:Insurance law requires that an insured have an insurable interest in a piece of property or item in order to have it insured. Simply put, you couldn’t pay for insurance on your friend’s house and receive payment if something happened to it because you don’t own it. The same principal applies to your landlord. His property insurance covers HIS property, not the personal contents owned by others.Renters Insurance not only covers your personal property but it also provides liability coverage in the event that a guest is injured while in your home and you’re found liable for the injury. It can also provide coverage for any additional expenses you incur if your apartment is uninhabitable due to a covered loss. Talk to your Knight Insurance agent to learn more about this important coverage.

Our Homeowner’s Insurance Options include:

Additional home-related coverage:

Personal Liability Umbrella

Affordable Liability Protection

From faulty renovation construction to a homeowner’s unintended negligence, a liability claim can become much more than a nuisance. If you’re found liable for damages to a neighbor’s property (for instance: trimming a tree and a huge limb falls onto the house next door), your homeowner’s liability coverage will most likely cover the damage. However…what happens if someone is seriously injured…or worse? The liability limits of your homeowner’s policy may not be adequate to cover such a serious incident…and that means you’re responsible for paying the portion that’s not covered by your policy!

A Personal Liability Umbrella provides the additional coverage you need for today’s litigious environment at surprisingly affordable rates. Your personal liability umbrella takes over when the limits of your standard policy are exhausted, preventing you from having to make any out-of-pocket payment. Furthermore, the personal liability umbrella extends the liability protection afforded for all your personal lines of insurance, including homeowner’s and auto insurance. Your Knight Insurance agent can explain the various options available. Be sure to contact Knight Insurance of Broward about the additional coverage provided by a personal liability umbrella.


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