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Southwest Ranches, FL Has a Rural Lifestyle

For a very long time, Southwest Ranches is the only town that works so hard to grow while maintaining its rural-equestrian lifestyle. In fact, residents are discouraged from doing any development before seeking permission from the authorities. That is one of the measures put in place to maintain this kind of environment. Southwest Ranches will be your ideal home if you cherish living in a rural area. Learn more here.

Peaceful Community

One thing that stands out from how the neighborhood is set up is that it is very peaceful. With the existence of vast spaces in between houses, residents enjoy solitude lifestyle with little interference. Besides, because most people own horses, there are fewer cars, which can potentially cause noise. Generally, in the manner in which the community looks and feels, it lies within an area with less vibrancy and activities. Learn more about Andover, FL Is a Well-Established Community.

Large Ranches

It is hard to come across a community today where residents enjoy large lots within their compounds. In Southwest Ranches, authorities restrict residents in the size of lots they must own to keep the town maintain its rural feel. That includes the need for a minimum of one-acre lot ownership where they can keep horses and other livestock. 

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